Hazel-Ridge Studios

Hazel-Ridge Studios is a semi-professional, single room recording studio. Our goal is to offer affordable, high quality recordings to professional, amateur and hobbyist musicians.

Located near Beausejour MB it's well worth the trip!

We are more than just a recording studio, we help you to make wise musical choices, provide you with all the necessary information on how to get your album printed, help you find other acts for you to play/gig with, give you info on how to get your music onto iTunes and other internet retailers, and where to sell your music in Manitoba.

We can obtain whatever equipment you may need for your project if we don't already have it. We are not a record label. We at Hazel-Ridge feel the current music market is unfriendly towards the independent musician. It is difficult to get your demo or album heard by any record company, and difficult to afford recording costs. We are willing to full-fill some of a record labels responsibility for little to no cost and with absolutely no hidden fees.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Already have your project recorded? Need to get just a little bit more out of it? Mixing and Mastering is available.


$25/hr, $30/hr (less than 4 hours)
$200/day for a demo (demo)

On location recording
at your practice space:

For bands with established spaces who don't want to pack up and ship out. Have us come to you. Contact us for estimates.

Includes producer, engineer and applicable taxes.

Mixing/Mastering rates:
Flat and hourly rates are negotiable.

"The music coming out of Hazel-Ridge Studios is poignant and meaningful"

allison hasselfield
The Lonely Vulcans

high energy music"

David Regier
Planet of Sound

"A harmonious atmosphere, conducive to musical creativity"

Norm "the hand" Chura

Our Staff

Maximilian Dupas

Producer - 9 yrs
Audio Engineer - 4 yrs
Musician/songwriter/composer - 14 yrs

Max Dupas has many years of experience playing, writing, recording and producing music. As a producer he has worked on dozens of full-length albums, EPs and demo's for many different artists. He has written and recorded hundreds of his own songs as well. He has high standards for recording quality while trying to maintain the honest beauty of the song in question. Max works very well with other musicians and is known to say just what needs to be said to help artists realize what needs to be done. Inspiring and nurturing, Max always gets the best of the musicians he works with. Driven, hard-working and enthusiastic, Max likes to get the job done well, on budget, and on time.

Chris Haywood

Co-producer 4 yrs
Musician/songwriter/composer - 10 yrs

Chris Haywood has written and produced many songs in his career so far. Chris is an expert at analyzing music and the feeling it gives you. Chris is always excited to get to work on new projects. With many simple production ideas that offer an interesting counter balance to many of the musicians he has worked with, Chris is a budding talent in the studio as a producer and a musician.


We encourage all musicians to bring to bring their own equipment except mics. We can obtain what you need for your project with appropriate notice. Equipment must be 100% functional. We are always upgrading and obtaining new equipment.

The Studio

DAW: Cubase 5 16-24-32bit (float)

AD/DA: Presonus (88.2khz)

Monitors: Yamaha

Commercial: BOSE, Polkaudio

Microphones: Rode, Audio Technica, Shure, CAD


Vintage Solid Mahogany Acoustic

Takamine acoustic and classical guitars

Fender, Marshall, Roland, Vibe and Delta amps

Leslie rotary speaker*



Yamaha CS6x
Roland vintage synth
Yamaha Electric pianos

Hammond classic set-up*


Ludwig old school Ringo style drum kit
Classic snare, 5 tom set-up, Big kick drum

Note: We encourage all drummers to bring their own snares and cymbals. And even Toms if they have specific requirements.

* On request
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